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The Shaddarin Desert is a blasted wasteland of sand, wind, war, and scavengers. Those unfortunate enough to inhabit this region constantly struggle to avoid death by heat, banditry, or the numerous predators that have grown accustomed to the foul conditions of the land. War ravages the expanse between the two major cities as they vie for control of the Osad-Kir, a tributary river renowned as a vehicle for trade, as well as the only reliable water source for miles.

Major Cities Include:


Towns in the Region:


Major Landmarks Include:

The Great Eastern Pyramid
The Great Western Pyramid

Major Geography:

River Zirim
Southern Jungles
The Burning Sea
The Scalding Flats
Tal-Hassid Ranges
The Elder Dunes
Ibn-Kimir Mountains

Other Regional Notes:

Obad-Hai, the Dune Riders
Shaddarin Knights
Nobility Titles and Hierarchical Structure

Main Page

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